Saraswathi Jois – hija de Pattabhi Jois


Me gustaría presentar os mi Maestra, la hija de Guruji Sri Pattabhi Jois, Saraswathi Jois. Nacida en 1941, ella practicaba constantemente bajo las enseñanzas de su padre Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, desde los 10 hasta los 22 años. Saraswathi fui la primera mujer en ser aceptada en Sanskrit College de Mysore donde estudió las obras fundamentales del Sanscrito y continuó con el yoga de manos de su padre. Asistí a su padre durante muchos años, pero desde el año 1975 ella comenzó con sus propias clases. En 1986 Saraswathi ha revolucionado el mundo de yoga en la ciudad de Mysore, siendo la primera en enseñar los hombres y las mujeres juntos.

Saraswathi on feminine perspective:

On being a mother: “It took me ten years to learn the asanas well, then two children to forget about it, but the Yogic experience I got from that was more than any asana could ever give me.”

On being a grandmother: “Being a grandmother I do Yoga in Grand style.”

On a woman’s cycles: “A woman should learn to listen to her cycles and take rest rather than pushing forward on days of menstruating.”

On women: “Men are stronger than women physically, but women are more talented yogis. Yoga.”

Through the various stages of life, yoga practice naturally changes it’s form and becomes much more than just an asana. Being a woman. mother and householder with important responsibilities, our energy is redirected at times and our yoga practice gives us the courage to embrace change. The constant which always remains, is the clarity and balance that the ashtanga yoga practice gives. The years of practice become a framework for how we live our lives each and every day.

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