Yoga Soldiers


Creación de Dan Abramson, los saldados de Yoga por un lado inspiran a los niños probar este arte, y por el otro animan a ex-soldados, y los militares actuales, practicar Yoga.

Es lo que dice el creador de estos juguetes:

“About a year ago, I had this oddball idea for a set of everyone’s favorite classic green army men toys — only these ones would do yoga instead of fight.

Some friends of mine laughed at this funny concept, but when it came to mass production they gave their honest opinion —they didn’t think anyone would really want them as a real toy.

After a year and hundreds of man-hours of sketching, melting, 3D scanning, and 3D printing, my “Yoga Joes” action figures have just been funded from a Kickstarter campaign.

It was an emotional, terrifying and expensive roller-coaster ride. But all along I truly believed in my gut that this idea could really happen. I’d like to walk you through my creative process and share some photos of the fruits of my labor. Always remember to NEVER give up on your idea, especially when other people tell you to!”

yoga-1 yoga-2 yoga-3En mi opinión, es una idea estupenda hacer Yoga llegar a más gente de forma entretenida y comprensible!!

Más fotos (por cierto, hechas por el mismo creador!!):

YJoe1 YJoe2 YJoe3 YJoe7 YJoe8 YJoe9 YJoe10

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